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013651735189  021-51250910


020-89680531  89680539
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Beautiful and practical shutter curtain

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The shutter curtain is mainly made of aluminum alloy and wood bamboo baking paint. It has the characteristics of durability, no aging, no fading, sunshade, ventilation and fire prevention, and has a w

The shutter curtain is mainly made of aluminum alloy and wood bamboo baking paint. It has the characteristics of durability, no aging, no fading, sunshade, ventilation and fire prevention, and has a wide range of application. The shutter curtain can be adjusted freely to control the incoming light, and the leaf angle can be adjusted to control the incoming light. The leaf can be adjusted to the suitable place.

Blinds have the following advantages:

1、 Free adjustment

Users can freely adjust the angle of the leaf when using the blinds to control the light entering and blocking, so as to avoid the light from shining into the room in the best state and position.

2、 Block ultraviolet rays

In a certain technology, the processing technology and materials of the blinds have been greatly improved, which can effectively block the ultraviolet radiation and protect the indoor furniture from fading and cracking under the strong sunlight. Moreover, the louver curtain is very good in ventilation. Consumers can freely adjust the ventilation size according to the indoor temperature to maintain the indoor air circulation, which not only plays the role of heat insulation and UV protection, but also has good ventilation effect.

3、 Cost effective

The price of blinds is economical and affordable. It is a relatively simple way of shading decoration, and its shading effect is adjustable. If there is a problem with the local louver, it can be repaired or replaced locally, which is more suitable for simple and generous modern style.

4、 Privacy protection

Blinds block the view of the outside world by showing the leaves in a concave and convex form. In this way, in the light at the same time, blocking the top-down outside line of sight, at night, if the leaves convex face indoor, shadow will not be reflected to the outside.

The shutter curtain is simple, durable and labor-saving. It can be folded and put down completely. Moreover, the space distance is the same, which makes the window simple and generous. It doesn't take up too much window area. It looks very beautiful and fashionable in visual aspect.