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013651735189  021-51250910


020-89680531  89680539
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What kind of clothing fabric do overseas consumers prefer

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Clothing fabric is the most intuitive medium for consumers to feel clothing. Like domestic consumers, overseas consumers usually pay more attention to cotton type when discussing clothing fabric. For 

Clothing fabric is the most intuitive medium for consumers to feel clothing. Like domestic consumers, overseas consumers usually pay more attention to cotton type when discussing clothing fabric. For example, there are 100% pure cotton fabrics, modal wool blended fabrics, etc. the following will introduce the four most common clothing fabrics one by one.

1, 100% cotton

Pure cotton fabric needs to be washed many times to make it feel soft. In daily cotton goods, consumers need to pay attention to its shrinkage in the process of daily dry cleaning. After the enzyme treatment of cotton fabric clothing, more flexible.

2, Wool blend

In general, cotton is not known for its breathability, but if it can be combined with constant temperature fabrics such as wool, it will help to add more advantages to other basic T-shirts. For example, Merino alpaca wool has the ability to maintain the permeability of fabric, but also has the natural odor resistance.

3, Modal mix

Modale is a kind of semi synthetic fabric similar to that made by man. It is made of beech tree, pure cotton and spandex. It has been reported that, different from the classic cotton material, modal has more air permeability and wrinkle resistance up to 50% due to its smooth texture.

4, Leather horse fabric

Pima fabric is made of American Pima cotton, mainly from California.

Usually, women's T-shirts are priced at $30 and men's T-shirts are priced at about $27. Its color diversity, style leisure, whether in softness or texture are better.

Different material texture has its aesthetic attribute, so it will extend the scope of suitable style creativity. Only when the aesthetic feeling of material texture and the overall style are expressed in a unified way, a garment can look like a grade and a sense of quality.